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Guide for Campus Jobs:

Instate jobs: jobs that entitles you a "tuition waiver" title, so that you pay the fees as a resident. You have to work 20 Hrs to get the waiver, and you may combine between two jobs to reach 20 hrs/week. Many of these jobs are computer lab proctor, night security guard, research assistant, grader, Chemistry laboratory assistant, instruments lab checkout assistant... [computer lab sample interview questions]
In addition to instate jobs, some other jobs are desirable for students. These jobs include: main computer /library lab (the job is simply supervising the computer facility, helping students get their printouts, and answering customer service questions. It is a good opportunity for you to get experience as a freshman. You may then apply for an instate job more easily after this job! Sometimes they send to another department that qualifies you for an instate tuition after the first semester.), gymnasium, library, food restaurants, tutoring (for math, physics, chemistry, and other disciplines.), and parking garages.

Computer lab Sample Interview Questions:

Questions have a wide range from ustomer service, trouble shooting, technical questions to familiarity with the computer lab rules, hardware, and software... [read questions]